Big Boss Juicer Review

Big Boss 700-Watt JuicerThe Big Boss Juicer is one of those centrifugal juicers that beginners might want to check out. It has a low entry price but there is certainly good value from the features and benefits you’re going to get from this juicer.

Check out this detailed review of the Big Boss Juicer so you can find out if this is going to fit your juicing needs. We’re going to highlight the most important features, benefits and of course some disadvantages.

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700 Watt Motor

The Big Boss Juicer has an incredibly apt and powerful motor that boasts 700 watts. This means that the unit produces 100 per cent, all natural juice in seconds. This kind of speed can guarantee an incredible 18,000 rotations per minute during your juicing. The juicer will also be able to make very pure and all-natural juice thanks to such power. With the 700 watts of the Big Boss Juicer, you are sure that ease and convenience are in your hands –and we haven’t even talked about the other features yet, which, you seriously won’t discount. If you like the idea of having a commercial juicer in your kitchen, then the Big Boss Juicer is your best bet.

Wide Chute Opening

We have mentioned that, apart from the 700 watt power, there are other features and conveniences that the Big Boss Juicer sports. One of them is the wide-mouth opening that’s about 30 per cent larger than other juicers or blenders in the market. With such a generously sized opening, you can put in whole fruits or vegetables and just start juicing away. You can put in whole cucumbers, apples, pears, carrots and what have you with ease. More importantly, the Big Boss Juicer allows you to save some time from slicing, chopping and dicing your choice of fruits and vegetables. This will remove any excuses of being lazy to fix yourself a glass of juice in the morning as the Big Boss Juicer makes it easy for you to do so.

Multi-Speed Settings

The Big Boss Juicer boasts a speed controller which will let the user dictate how fine or pulped your juice is. Setting it at the low speed will make the juice quite thicker than the high speed setting, that’s designed to make juice smooth and easy to drink. The dial is even conveniently placed, and you will find it to be a very friendly feature that’s easy to operate.  This feature will definitely add some variety to your juicing. You can also specify the speed for different kind of food – lower settings for softer food like melons, strawberries and oranges while a higher speed for cucumbers, carrots and apples.

Great Design Scheme

One thing that you’ll definitely love about the Big Boss Juicer is that it has a great, stainless steel body and design, which will go well with your kitchen décor. It’s certainly an eye catcher that does not only look good – it also works great as well. The unit is also smaller and lighter compared to other kitchen juicers in the market. When it runs, it won’t spill the juice around and the pulp goes to the container at the back – all things are where they should be. It’s also very quiet and very simple to use. You don’t have to use any tools for disassembly. Clean-up is also a breeze.

Decent Manual But…

Things like a great manual can keenly complement an already great product. The Big Boss Juicer’s manual is a decent addition to the package but take note that the instructions come in French. Don’t be put off because the images in the instructions are enough to assemble it easily. It also comes with several recipes and tips to keep yourself healthy and the juicing experience to be enjoyable.

Consumer Concerns

First concern is the pulp container because of its dark color and it’s opaque. Because of this, you really have no idea on the amount of pulp that’s already been extracted. You tend to pause your juicing session just to make sure that the level of collected pulp is still manageable. Another reason why people are reluctant to give it a perfect star rating is because of the plastic parts and it’s not really a heavy duty wattage juicer. Overall, if you are tight with your budget and want to get into juicing, this is the juicer you want to consider.

What’s Next?

Hopefully you’ve gained some knowledge when it comes to this juicer. To learn more about it and to know its current price on the market, you can purchase it over at

Check Price of Big Boss Juicer on

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